Payback Calculator

Calculate Your Savings Using Canadian Buffalo Products and Services

To calculate your potential savings using Canadian Buffalo engineered components and solutions, simply follow the instructions below. For more detailed estimates of potential cost savings, please call one of Canadian Buffalo's representatives at:

Telephone: (519) 837-1293
Fax: (519) 837-2380
Toll-free: (866) FAN-GUYS (326-4897)

1. Calculate Existing Static Efficiency

Enter figures for your existing equipment in the boxes below to calculate your current static efficiency.

Static Pressure (in. wg.):
BHP (old):
Existing Static Efficiency:

2. Calculate BHP of New Impeller

Enter figures for new Canadian Buffalo engineered equipment in the boxes below to calculate BHP of new impeller.

*Canadian Buffalo Heavy Duty Impeller:
CFM (from formula 1):
Static Pressure (in. wg.) (from formula 1):
*BHP (new) of Canadian Buffalo Impeller:

* Based on peak static efficiency

3. Savings Per Year Based on Fixed Power Cost

*NOTE: Fixed power cost based on $0.10/KWH for 100% running time (7/24/365), 95% motor efficiency.

BHP (old) (from formula 1):
BHP (new) (from formula 2):
*Fixed Power Cost Savings ($ yr):