Canadian Buffalo Rotor Rebuilds and Repairs

Rebuild - to Reconstruct to Original Condition

Whether it is Canadian Buffalo’s original product or the product from another fan manufacturer, Canadian Buffalo can provide a full range of rebuild services, including:

• Site visits to ascertain the best course of action
• On site inspection of the fan components to determine which items may require rebuilding
• Performance testing
• NDT testing
• Welding and Quality Assurance to internationally recognized standards
• Emergency breakdown services
• Static and Dynamic balancing to the lowest tolerances
• In place Repair and Rebuilding

Canadian Buffalo can provide rebuild on any type of fabricated centrifugal or axial impellers. Centrifugal wheel designs include:

• Radial Bladed
• Airfoil
• Backward Curved
• Backward Inclined
• Radial Tipped
• Forward Curved

Materials of construction include:

• Low Carbon Steels
• High Nickel Alloys
• High Carbon Steels
• Titanium Alloys
• Stainless Steels
• Quenched and Tempered Steels
• Chromium or Tungsten Carbide Overlay Materials

The integrity of new, repaired and rebuilt fabrications is constantly checked using the latest in Non Destructive testing methods. Canadian Buffalo utilizes the following ND tests, as it is necessary, to guarantee a sound and fit product:

• Dye Penetrant testing
• Magnetic Particle testing
• X-Ray
• Model testing

Critical welds on a rebuilt high stress impeller are dye penetrant tested to ensure the integrity of the weldments.

Repair - to make whole again, restore after damage

Casings, Impellers, Shafts, Dampers and all other fan components can be repaired to as new condition using the latest in manufacturing standards. Canadian Buffalo is a CWB certified welding shop. We utilize the latest in CAD/CAM technology and manufacturing techniques, which allows us to perform and complete all the necessary tasks, for any given repair in an efficient and timely manner.

Canadian Buffalo

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