Canadian Buffalo Impellers Designs

Full line of tested and proven Centrifugal fan types including

• HD Airfoil for Efficiencies up to 87%
• Backward Curved – 84%
• Backward Inclined – 81%
• Radial Tipped – 75%
• Radial Bladed – 73%
• Open Radial – 64%

We offer many different, highly efficient fan configurations tested and proven for a clients ID & FD Fan requirements, including our rugged Airfoil with optional wear protection of varying levels of wear resistance. In our extensive line up, we also offer Backward Curved and Radial Tipped designs for higher abrasion and material accumulation applications. We offer these designs in both SWSI and DWDI for both permanent Power Generation Facilities and smaller package Boiler Applications.

For more information on impeller designs from Canadian Buffalo please call one of our professionals.

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